Special occasion 4-course meal for 2 people

This package includes a freshly made four-course meal for 2 people delivered right to your door (with contactless drop off of course!) 


- Lobster Soup with Saffron Potatoes, Sea Herbs & Lemon Gel served with a classic Lobster Brioche Roll

- Chicken Nugget with Red Cabbage Ketchup

- Pan-fried Duck Breast with Buttered Cabbage, Baby Carrots, Fondant Potato, Carrot Puree, Duck Leg Nugget & a Duck Jus

- Treacle “Tart” Pudding with Spiced Biscuits, Clotted Cream & Sticky Toffee Sauce


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accommodate any other dietary requirements or menu alterations. 

Please refrigerate the delivery as soon as possible

Orders will be delivered on Friday. Simply place your order as normal and will let you know by Wednesday evening via email when you should expect your delivery in the two hour slot.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared and packaged to last up to 72hrs, in the fridge. So, you can enjoy at any point over the weekend. 

Celebration Meal for Two

  • Mini Loaf with Marmite Butter - Flour (WHEAT), Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Butter (MILK), Marmite


    Lobster Soup - Lobster, CELERY, Onion, Carrot, Brandy, Double Cream (MILK), SHELLFISH STOCK, Salt, Pomace Oil, Tinned Tomatoes, Potato, Safron, Sea Herbs, Lemon, Sugar, Agar Agar, Brioche Bun (WHEAT) BUTTER, Mayonnaise (EGGS), Chives


    Chicken Nuggets - Chicken Leg, Rapeseed Oil, Thyme, Sage, Garlic, Oregano, Sherry Vinegar, Salt, MUSTARD, Breadcrumbs (WHEAT), EGGS, Flour


    Pan-fried Duck Breast - Duck, Pomace Oil, Garlic, Thyme, Duck Fat, Salt, Cabbage, BUTTER, Carrots, Star Anise, Beef Stock, Potato, Breadcrumbs (WHEAT, EGGS), Red Wine, Onion, CELERY, Chicken Stock


    Treacle “Tart” Pudding -  Breadcrumbs (WHEAT), Lemon, Golden Syrup, BUTTER, EGGS, Double Cream (MILK), Sugar, Salt,, Baking Powder, Cinnamon, Ginger, Allspice, Nutmeg.

  • Please see reheating instructions with your delivery